First Week for Freshman: All About Class 2021


Haven Frazier

It’s finally the 2017-2018 school year! It’s always great to see similar faces as you take on the year. It´s cool to see how many students have changed in just three months.

Having more than 400 freshmen taking a large chunk of the student population here means many new faces to get use to.

Facing a new school, an overwhelming amount of news faces as well as overpacked, heavy book bags, Class of 2021 was (mostly) ready for high school.

“In eighth grade, I wasn’t emotionally ready, but now there’s nothing to be afraid of,” said freshman Shaylah Cash.

Many freshmen think that the the upperclassmen are “scary” and “big”. On the flip side, many seniors, juniors and sophomores commented on how many freshmen there are this year.

In order to help the freshmen feel more comfortable, most freshman classes are set up in the 100 hall (also so they won’t get as lost). Once they reach sophomore year, they will be more comfortable with their surroundings and go all around the school but it helps to have freshmen in the same area their first year here.

“I thought I was going to be lost, but now it’s easy to get around, the work isn’t that difficult as of now,” said freshman Keyshon Shelton.

Not everyone has a good freshman year. “Freshman year, I felt like such a baby being the youngest grade, but one tip is to have a good first impression because that sticks with your reputation,” said sophomore Cydnea Acevedo.

Many students go through similar experiences, but some bad things happen for a reason. Failing a test, not scoring that goal…that is just life. Failure is the key to success.

“One thing I would change if I were to go back to the ninth (grade) is to be more out there and social,” said sophomore Ashleigh Nemeth. “I was new to South Carolina and didn’t push myself to do clubs, etc.”

As part of military families, many students stay at a school for a short period time, and it is hard for them to become close to others since they do move a lot.

“I moved to South Carolina this year and one thing I would tell the ninth graders is to join sports to make friends and have a sports family,” said Acevedo.

Whatever you do in the future Class of 2021, it takes just a little work and focus to make high school a good experience.