Hooping Season 2k17

Basketball players work hard, ready for strong season


Haven Frazier, editor

In September, conditioning started for basketball players . Students from every grade level prepared for the upcoming season by practicing over the summer with clubs as well as just dribbling at home.

“We were in the weight room majority of the time,” sophomore Daijah Hall said. “We did ball drills, ran around the school, and that is basically it.”

They worked every day of conditioning and both mentally and physically prepared themselves for the most nerve-racking part of pre-season: tryouts.

Tryouts began at the end of October. “I’ve been playing since I was six,” Imani Simon, sophomore, said. “I stuck with it because I just liked having motivation, it was fun for me.”

From freshman to seniors, basketball tryouts always have a large group of people who hope to make it on the teams.

“I’ve been hooping ever since I was two years old,” Malayziah Etheredge, freshman, said. “My dad was a star basketball player his high school years, and I wanted to be like him.” She hoped to make either JV or Varsity, so the stakes were high for her.

It is all too common for players to experience injury, which effects their performance and even sidelines some. Etheredge said, “I hyper-sprained my leg in a car accident, and I might be out for the whole season, but hopefully I play soon for the Redhawks.”

The last day of tryouts was the day of Halloween. This was the final day for the basketball players to show the coaches all of their potential and commitment they would contribute to the team.

“If I could go back, I would change how I played in the scrimmage. I would make better passes and make smarter choices on the floor.” Simon said.

As for Etheredge, it was difficult for her to play her hardest with an injury that, if aggravated or further injured, could ruin her first high school basketball season. “Running was hard during conditioning,” she said.

That night, the coaches posted both varsity and JV rosters for both girl and boys. Simon and Etheredge had different reactions when they found out that they made varsity.

“I was in shock. It was a very great accomplishment,” Etheredge said. “I feel like God blessed me with this amazing talent, and I get to share it to everyone for my four high school years!”

Simon was confident she was going to make it. “I was excited, but not too surprised because I’ve worked for this.”

This year, both the girls and boys basketball teams are expected to have solid seasons. “It’s ring season, baby!¨ Etheredge said, excited and full of confidence for her first year on the varsity team.