WHS vs RV : Player’s Mindset


Haven Frazier

On Jan. 5, the boys varsity Redhawks played the Ridgeview Blazers. A close game, the boys won it with a score of 60-57.

The Redhawks put in a lot of work to fight for this win. The top scorers were junior Russell Jones with 16 points, junior Ta’Jay Dunlap with 15 points and junior Kendall Wormack with 15 points.

“I want to be the best on the court every night,” Jones said. “When people leave the game I want them saying, ‘Russell Jones is the real deal.’ I know where I want to go with any game and I know what it will take.”

“I don’t think about the next game or the next opponent. I think about right then and right now,” Wormack said.

The boys were down by 9 points in the fourth quarter but, in the five final minutes, they sank four 3-pointers, which lead to the win.

“I think I played good, but it’s some buckets that I left out there that I should’ve made,” Jones said. “I think my performance was good but I can always get better and there were things I could have done better.”

Wormack said, “We fought hard as a team and came out on top, and that’s all that matters.”