Athlete Spotlight: Matthew Oxendine

Hailey Zalewa, Sports Editor

The Redhawk Varsity Baseball team is reaching for the top as they continue to battle through every game. The team has a current record of 3-2 in the region, and they have 5 more games to go in region play. Senior Matthew Oxendine is one of the four seniors on the team, and he plays a large role in keeping the team afloat. Let’s get to know him!

Hailey: How long have you been involved in the sport?

Matthew: I’ve played baseball for 13 years now.

Hailey: Who inspired you to start playing the sport?

Matthew: My dad inspired me to start playing.

Hailey: Why do you love baseball?

Matthew: I love baseball because no matter how bad of a day I’m having, I can always escape to the field and forget about everything for a few hours.

Hailey: What’s your favorite baseball memory?

Matthew: It would have to be my first varsity start against Ridgeview my freshman year.

Hailey: What position do you play?

Matthew: I play centerfield and I pitch.

Hailey: How do you prepare for a game?

Matthew: I get a footlong Subway sandwich and watch the B-Team play before us. I like to sit quietly and just focus on the game.

Hailey: What are your goals for the season?

Matthew: I want our team to be at least second in the region and to win a playoff game. Personally, I want to be an all-region player and region player of the year.

Hailey: What are your future plans?

Matthew: I’m going to be pitching at USC Beaufort.

Hailey: What advice would you give to underclassmen that want to try out the sport?

Matthew: Make sure you buy into what coach says because ultimately he just wants what’s best for you. Another tip is: don’t be a selfish player.