Use Your Vote

Your Vote is Your Voice


Midterm Election Countdown

Mya Singleton, Senior Editor

One of the biggest ways you can make a difference as an American citizen is by voting. Many people make the mistake of only voting every four years in the presidential elections. Although every vote matters, by waiting that long most political issues will have become out of our hands. So even as young adults, we should be pressing our peers to vote for what needs to be done now.

The best way to see change is by voting in the upcoming midterm elections on November 6th. We are not voting for president this time, but in a lot of ways your vote counts more. Even if you do not follow politics, (or do not pay attention in your government class) politics follow our communities. If we can control congress then we, the people, have a lot of control over the country. Every single one of the 435 seats in the House of Representatives is up for grabs. Even across the country 36 states are holding elections for governor. If you are going out of state for college then this is important. Whoever governs that state will have a lot of control over the policies that will affect you in your day to day lives. Want the government to finally legalize marijuana? That starts locally.

The hashtags that you see on Twitter are actual issues that will be addressed in these elections. Some include gun reform, health care, student loans, environmental and prison reforms, immigration, and much more. No matter where you stand on these issues you have a chance to make a change by voting. Young people do not have a great turn out for voting in midterm elections. Politicians will not listen to us or take anything we say online serious if we do not actually go out and vote to make a difference. They will say that we will not show up at the polls because we never do. We can be the generation that changes that forever.

Many teens our age are taking action towards the causes that they feel are important. Lately that means organizing marches and school walkouts. These are big movements that gain politician attention and media coverage, but are not actually changing this drastically. Quite often young people are given the chance to speak on what they want to see done, but are not actually persistent on making progress. Voting is not just another thing for your to do list, but a responsibility.

The polls are open for anyone who is 18 or older. Seniors and rising seniors of age can get registered today. If you are going to be 18 before November of this year then you can register and vote in midterm elections. Many high schools and local public facilities like libraries are having days where people can register. It’s as quick and painless as filling out your address and personal information. You no longer have to sit around and feel helpless. Your vote matters and your opinions do count when you express yourself by voting.