The “Quarterback” of Volleyball


Volleyball, just as any other sport, has a list of positions that each girl plays. The positions go as follow: outside hitter, middle hitter, right-side hitter, defensive specialist, libero and setter. Every position comes with a role that one has to play during the game. One of the most specialized is the setter.

Our school has had the same setter for the past four years, Ta’Naya Corley. Corley is now a senior so this will be her last year. The setting position tends to go unappreciated as they are responsible for setting up the hitters every single play.

In volleyball, it is referred to as “the second touch,” the first touch is usually a dig or pass, the second touch is the setter making the play, and the third touch is the hitter executing the play. Therefore, the setter is always at work. Corley has been playing since 7th grade, at 13 years old. She has always been a setter but said, if she had to play any other position, she “would be a defensive specialist.”

Without a setter, the hitters would have no one to make them look good, and the defensive specialists and libero would have no one to work hard for. The setter really is the backbone of the team, which is why she can be referred to as the “quarterback” equivalent in volleyball. Corley calls the shots and is in charge of running the court during the game.

The team is very grateful to have such a hardworking setter so they work hard for her. Westwood volleyball’s region play starts Tuesday and Thursday of next week (the 11th and 13th) at home. Students get in for only $2 with a valid student ID! So don’t be afraid to support!

Come out to see Corley and the rest of the team in action!