Aftermath of Hurricane Lane

Photo Credit: NASA Worldview - | Public Domain

Photo courtesy of Wikipedia, licensed under Creative Commons by CC 2.0

Photo Credit: NASA Worldview - | Public Domain

Cameron Smith, Editor

The week of Aug. 22-29, Hurricane Lane roared through the Pacific and threatened Hawai’i’s Big Island. While the hurricane dropped to mere tropical storm before hitting land, it still dropped a massive amount of rain on the island.

Prior to the storm hitting, Hawai’i was battling a heavy rain for the several days where the outer edges of the storm dropped 46 inches of rain on the eastern side of the island. Roads were shut down and flash flood warnings were in effect. In a press conference prior to the storm making landfall, Kelly Wooten, spokesperson for Hawai’i County Civil Defense said, “Police, fire, and other departments are working to keep people off the road, as some are still under water.”

While Lane weakened, she still managed to cause widespread damage, torrential rain and flooding, washing out roads and causing landslides. Hawaii News Now reports that the damage caused by Lane coming into focus as the islands prepare for Hurricane Olivia, which is still brewing out in the Pacific as of Sept. 10.