Review: Marvel’s Spider-Man PS4

Challenging, open-world gameplay keeps gamers on their toes

Jordan Felder, Editor

Sept. 7, Insomniac Games released a PS4-exclusive game titled “Marvel’s Spider-Man”. This was a bold move for a development company who has worked on hit games such as Ratchet and Clank, Sunset Overdrive (an Xbox exclusive), and Edge of Nowhere. I played the game first-hand, and I was extremely happy at how beautifully the game was put together.

Picking up where former Spider-Man developers lacked, Marvel’s Spider-Man is a balance between what Peter Parker deals with while he tries to juggle between being Spider-Man and living a normal life.

During my over all 15 hours of gameplay, there was never a dull moment. For instance, I would have a main mission, but there were so many interesting things such as bank robberies, shootouts, car chases and challenges popping up that I forgot I had a story to play. The open world in this game was so different and spectacular that while you were swinging through the city, you felt like the wall crawler himself.

The combat in the game draws inspiration from another open world game, Batman Arkham Knight, which is a four-game story that is set in it’s own DC Universe. In this game, Spider-Man uses a fighting style known as Lucha Libre, a high flying, acrobatic, and powerful style used to take down others. In the sports world, Lucha Libre is used in many forms of wrestling from WWE to wrestling matches located in Mexico.

Throughout the game, there are 27 suits to unlock, not including the suits that will be released in the DLC packs, which, when released, will unlock more levels for the game. A new suit is acquired every 2-3 levels throughout the game, but you have to collect tokens to be able to use it. Just like you can unlock a new suit, you can unlock a new power as well. Each suit comes with a power that you can mix and match. For example, the Iron-Spider has a power where four mechanical legs sprout from the back of the suit. This is obviously a reference to the Iron-Spider suit previously seen in the movie “Avengers: Infinity War”, released in theaters earlier this year.

This game’s villains are challenging to fight, as they often team up to attempt to take you down. The main villain (no spoilers!) was a shocking twist who added more interest to the storyline, as well as the events taking place within it.

From the way you flip, web swing and traverse the city, to the combat styles and silent missions, Marvel’s Spider-Man is an extremely fun game for gamers who like challenges with stories that draw you in. Overall, it surely is a exciting game to play.