Sweetener Album Review

Kelly Knight, Editor

On August 17, 2018 Ariana Grande released her fifth studio album Sweetener. On the album there are quite a few songs that I enjoy, but there are a few that fell a little flat. Ariana said that this album was a new style for her and I agree to a certain extent. A few of the songs sound like something we haven’t heard from her, but most of it sounds like her usual style.

She opens the album up with the song “raindrops (an angel cried)” based off the song “An Angel Cried” by The Four Seasons. The song is a great intro to the album. The song accentuates her vocals by giving the song an acapella vibe without it actually being acapella. Ariana also shows here vocal range in this song by ending it with a held out high note.

The next song on the album was a collab with Pharrell Williams. The song is called “blazed”. This song didn’t impress me very much, I wish there was more of a beat drop when it gets to there chorus, but since there wasn’t it was one of the few that didn’t stick out to me. The next song is “the light is coming” and it is also a collab this time it’s with Nicki Minaj. This one is also not one of my favorites. It doesn’t do much for me, I really enjoy Nicki’s parts but Ariana’s parts weren’t great to show off her vocals.

The fourth song on the album is “R.E.M”. At first this song didn’t please me very much, I just didn’t get into it. After listening to it a few times I finally got into it and liked it as much as everyone else was saying they did. The next song was the second single for her album it’s titled “God is a woman”. This one was one of my favorites when this album had first came out, but now there’s other songs on the album that are more of a different style than what she usually does. Now I feel pretty indifferent about the song, I enjoy listening to it but it is not my first choice when picking a song to listen to.

The next song is “sweetener” it is probably my favorite song on the album. I like the way she has the verses and pre chorus sounding almost Christmassy, but the chorus is more hip-hop and has a fun vibe to it, it is a normal sound for her with a little bit of a new vibe with the inclusion of the chorus. “successful” is the seventh song on the album. This one is another one that isn’t one of my favorites. I enjoy it, but I feel like there are better songs on the album that fit the new style Ariana was going for better. Her vocals in this song aren’t anything we haven’t heard before, so I just wasn’t super impressed.

“everytime” on the other hand is in my top 5. I like the way she almost speaks while singing the verses in this song. The once the song gets into the pre chorus she starts actually singing, and with the mixture of both the speaking and singing it makes the song feel like something we haven’t heard. “breathin” is the first full song on the album that is slower and has a deeper message. I really enjoy this song because it shows that even some of the most famous people have a lot going on in their life. Her vocals in this song also are what make this such an enjoyable song for me. It isn’t something we haven’t heard but it works with the rest of the album really well.

The first song she released from this album was “no tears left to cry”. This is another song with a good message. It gave me a little bit of an insight of what the album was going to be and I really liked it. It’s safe to say that this is another one of my top songs on this album. It fits her vocals and style very well. The third and final collaboration on the album is “borderline” and it is with Missy Elliott. This is another one that doesn’t appeal to me as much as others on the album. I feel like it’s a lot like what we’ve heard from Ariana a lot in the past

The next song “better off” is a slower song. It is more of a ballad than what she has on the rest of the album. This is definitely one of my favorites I feel like it fit her voice really well, and it also gives a calmer feel to the album. After that is “goodnight n go”. Similarly to “better off” this is a slower ballad song. Another one of my favorites, I like it because of the fact that it is a slower song, with an upbeat feel to it, and it’s not something that you hear a lot of Ariana.

The next song “pete davidson” is an interlude for the album. I really like this because it gives you a break from the slower songs and it is a quicker easy song to listen to. It’s also a feel good song. The final song on the album “get well soon” is also probably my favorite. I like the meaning behind the song, and it’s nice that she was able to make a meaningful song, but have it more fun and upbeat.

Overall the album is really good, I enjoy the different vibes each song gives to the album without taking away from another song. I would definitely recommend giving this album a listen when you have the chance.