What has become of the Disney channel?

Zandrea Mays, Editor

The nostalgic moments when you were young, watching your favorite show at home hold a special place in our hearts. Taking a trip down memory lane doesn’t sound that bad except the shows aren’t being played anymore. What happened to the old Disney channel? What has become of Nickelodeon?

The new shows aren’t relatable when it comes to real life situations. Older shows dealt with real life problems and gave us insight of what to do. Scenarios such as racism, eating disorders, poverty, and just being yourself were taught to us young to make us better people. Watching TV then taught lessons and morals, TV now is just meant for entertaining. Because of so many touchy topics in today’s society, TV is to scared to hit on the problems that are most prominent now.

The normality of the characters also made them more relatable, most people are not going to relate to rich people living in mansions. However a teenager struggling to find her identity and where she fits into this world is relatable. Newer shows have become distasteful to watch and actually enjoy. I’m not seeing the lesson that children are supposed to learn from this.

Maybe that’s the ideology of modern television now, to try to mask real life situations from the younger generation. The world is changing around them and they need to be informed. Children should start early on in life to further assimilate into our society, and the best way is through a TV screen. Television inputs subliminal messages that children will carry on throughout their daily life. Parents would become surprised of how much the child is learning about life. While further entertaining the child learning is happening without them noticing. Then they go to school and share kindness with their classmates because they saw others doing so.