XXXTENTACION, Lil Peep release a posthumous collaboration titled “Falling Down”

Jordan Felder, Editor

Deceased rappers XXXTENTACION and Lil Peep recently released an eerie posthumous collaboration titled “Falling Down.” Neither artists had ever met while they were alive, but each of the rappers mothers felt that the track was what the fans needed.

Gustav Ahr, also known as Lil Peep, passed away on November 15th, 2017 from an apparent drug overdose at the age of 21. Whereas Jahseh Dwayne Onfroy, also known as XXXTENTACION or simply X, passed away at the age of 20 on June 18, 2018 after he was gunned down outside of a motorcycle dealership. “Falling Down” was originally going to be a single just for Lil Peep’s upcoming album, but due to his untimely passing, all that was recorded was a hook. X was listening to the hook and wanted to record verses in remembrance of Peep, not knowing what was to come months later.

In the song, there’s audio of X speaking on Lil Peep’s death where he states “Like, if I would have known he was so cool, it’s like if I would have watched interviews sooner, we were so alike.” X also said something that made fans emotional as he says “It’s unfortunate because it’s like, when people die, that’s when we like ’em, you know? ‘Cause your remorse kinda makes you check ’em out.”

Both rappers have upcoming projects, with X’s being titled “Skins”, which was completed before his death and has been speculated to release late October of this year. Whereas little details are known about Lil Peep’s album. While both artists are gone, their memory will live in the hearts of fans and the music they created while they were alive.