Tips for College Applications


Nala Wilson, Senior Editor

Senior year can be stressful. It’s time to start making some very important decisions. Regardless of your future plans, in order to make your senior year easier, it helps to be prepared. For the students that have intentions to continue on their education into college, below is a small list of tips that should help you be as ready as a teenager can be.

Tip #1

  • You should know what you want from a school so you can narrow down and consider all of your options. Keep in mind location, cost, and most importantly if they have your major.

Tip #2

  • Start filling out college applications now. Many colleges offer free applications up until a certain point in the year. The earlier you start, the less schools tend to charge for application fees. Another pro to applying early to schools is that you will know sooner rather than later if you are a good match for the school.

Tip #3

  • Have your resume filled out prior to most college applications. This will help you fill out the sections of the applications that ask about your community service hours, prior job experience, etc.

Tip #4

  • Have your counselor on-call. Whenever you have a question, don’t be afraid to ask your counselor. Whether it be a phone call, a meeting or an email, they are willing to help; they know a lot more than you do about the college application process and besides, helping you is what they’re there for.

Tip #5

  • Make sure you have taken an official test that colleges require. All schools accept SAT and ACT scores, but most prefer SAT. Check for dates of registration and study so that your scores will help with your college admittance.

I hope these tips could help in anyway possible. Good luck and go apply!