Fortnite Season 5 Overview: What’s New in Season 6?

Jordan Felder, Editor

Game developers Epic Games has just released its latest update for the game Fortnite. For those who are unfamiliar with the game, Fortnite is an extremely fun game that allows players to build structures all while fighting other players in gun battles. Fortnite draws its players in with seasons, which are stories or unique events that happen in a time span of about 63 days. There have been six seasons in Fortnite so far, with stories spanning from a meteor in the sky to rockets shooting out of a super villains lair.

The newest update however, shows why Epic Games is one of the top game developing companies in the world. Earlier in season 5, there was a cube that appeared on the map, which drew a lot of attention from pro players such as Ninja, Myth, and Nick EH 30. The cube would move slightly everyday, rolling around the map until it reached a location formerly known as loot lake. Once the cube hit the lake, it sank to the bottom, and just when all gamers assumed it was over, the lake began to light up and allow players to jump and fight other enemies. A few days later, Epic Games released a trailer, which showed a house that sits in the middle of loot lake, rising from the ground, forming a tornado with the cube on the bottom of the house.

When players were finally allowed to jump into the game, new things were presented such as pets, the new tornado, new gliders, new dances, and even a playable character that changes into a werewolf. Since the season began a week ago, Fortnite has already began to set up its plans for season 7, with allowing the island to move around the map. Many have already begun questioning what is going to happen to the island and what might Epic Games have in store? But the true and only way to find the answer: Play until season 7.