The “Horrific” Shoulder

Dress code continues to be bone of contention at schools


Zandrea Mays , Editor

A major problem affecting schools throughout the country is the horrendous dress code. Penalizing children because they don’t fit your criteria is absolutely wrong. You’re taking valuable learning time away from the student, and making it harder for them to succeed. Sending students home from school because their shoulders are exposed does not fix the overall problem of education in the United States. Our education systems are plainly mediocre compared to other countries.

I thought we were labeled as the most powerful nation in the world, but our education systems are valued the least. The United States more so cares about the financial gain out of the situation, instead of how people are affected in their own nation. In other countries, education is considered the most important thing. Their money is going towards their educational systems to better the future of their country. Via CNBC, Denmark is ranked number one as the most educated in the world. Denmark values education and cares more about the opportunity of students and the advancement of learning than what their students are wearing. If holes are above the knee then instantly they’re labeled as being a distraction. But to who? Teachers? Students? Maybe teaching students at a young age that seeing exposed shoulders or legs is normal.

Nothing is wrong with skin exposure within reason. Taking away our freedom to dress the way we want to is taking away our right as American citizens. We are entitled to the right to dress the way we want to. The dress code requirement at selected schools is ruining the overall meaning of what school represents. We are going to school to learn and build are future, but that’s being broken down brick by brick by the dress code requirement, and thus not motivating students to want to participate in school and be engaged during lessons.