LM5 Album Review

Little Mix drops strong, diverse album

Kelly Knight, Editor

        On November 16, 2018 the album LM5 dropped which is the fifth studio album by the British girl group, Little Mix. It contains 14 songs and is a mixture of upbeat, and slow songs. This album is Little Mix’s best and most diverse album they’ve released thus far.

        The album opens up with a quick intro titled “The National Manthem”. This is a really good way to start the album, since it isn’t a full song there wasn’t a lot to the song, but it helped give the vibe of the album without having to be 3 minutes. The vocals and harmonies in this song make up for the fact that it is fully acapella, which usually I would not be a big fan of but for this song it works.

         The second song on the album is “Woman Like Me”, which features female rapper Nicki Minaj, and it was the first song and single released for the album. The song was definitely the best song to release as the sort of ‘teaser’ for the album. In most pop songs the rap feels like it was added in just to get radio play, but in the song Nicki’s verse fits into the theme, and style of the song perfectly.

         “Think About Us” is the third song on the album. It opens up with Perrie Edwards singing the chorus, then it goes into the verses. In this song the verses are short, and most of the song is the chorus. Most times that would put me off, but it worked for this song because in between the second chorus and third verse there is an instrumental that helps give the song a break between chorus and verse.

         Next is “Strip”’ which is also a collaboration but this time it’s with female rapper Sharaya J. This song is one of my favorites on the album. The lyrics are empowering and the beat is easy to listen to. After “Strip” is “Monster in Me” this is the first slow song on the album. The fact that this is the first slow song on the album is nice because recently most albums I have been listening to have been mainly slow songs. This song isn’t my favorite, but it’s still  really good and has amazing vocals.

        “Joan of Arc” was the second song released for this album. This song feels almost like three different songs were put together to make one really fun song. With the fact that it feels like more than one song put together you’d think that’d make it feel all over the place, but it somehow works. Next is “Love a Girl Right” this song has a similar feel to a song they released back in 2013 just with a more mature feel to it. This is another that isn’t one of my favorites. It just doesn’t stand out to me like the rest do, that being said I still choose to listen to it regularly and without it I feel like the album wouldn’t sound the same.

         “American Boy” is the next song on the album, this is another one that’s one of my favorites. Again it starts out with the chorus and then goes into the verses. That being said there’s not much to say about this song because it definitely has a style that’s popular right now. After “American Boy” is “Told You So” this is the third song released for the album. This one is another slow one, but I prefer it to “Monster in Me” because it is more of just a slow song than a ballad.

         “Wasabi” is next, this song has a pretty similar feel to “Strip” which is probably one of the reasons it’s another one of my favorites, I also really like the whole vibe the song gives. Next is “More Than Words” which is a collaboration with Kamille. This song is slower and one that is similar to their old stuff, but also is different in a way that makes their sound more mature, but still fun to listen to if you’re young.

        “Motivate” is the perfect song to get back into the fun music. The chorus is more upbeat and fast whereas the verses are more slow, but not in a sad way. After “Motivate” is “Notice” this song is slower, but not sad song slow. It just isn’t fun and upbeat like some of the others on this album. I enjoy this song, but like “Love a Girl Right” and “Monster in Me”, it isn’t one of my favorites.  

        The last song on the album is “The Cure”. This is another one that was released before the album came out and also one that isn’t my personal favorites. I feel like it is a good ending to the album. It doesn’t have too much going on to make it feel like that album should continue, but it also isn’t not enough. It’s the perfect song to end the album.

        Overall, I really enjoy this album. Personally, I feel like this is Little Mix’s best album lyrically and melodically. Hopefully, more people give the group and the album a listen.