Recap of the Lacrosse Season


Shyanne Simmons

Nala Wilson, Senior Editor

This 2019 lacrosse season has been one for the books. It was a highly anticipated season with a couple of hype seniors and many returning players. The boys on the team this year were closer than ever.

Senior Ian Thomas said, “We worked hard to get to know each other and the sport more.”

The whole team was very close and worked toward one goal – to win as many games as possible while learning to work as a team. Take, for example, someone who was a vital part of the team. Senior manager, Shyanne Simmons, said “Winning two games this season was a big deal for the guys. I’ve watched them grow and I’m really proud of them.”

Photo by Shyanne Simmons
The team before Senior Night.

Their overall record was 2-7 (two wins and seven losses).  Like other spring sports, the boys were expected to play to their fullest potential whether they were in the rain or sunshine. Regardless of what the weather called for, the boys worked hard in practice and in the games. Many seniors plan to continue the sport into their collegiate career and returning players are excited to start back up again, now that they know a lot more about the sport.

Simmons added, “Even though they sometimes get on my nerves, I had an amazing time with them. Sadly, the season is over and we didn’t make it to the play-offs this year, but they will always be my boys.”

The support lacrosse received from the student body was more this year than it has ever been. More people went to games and became interested in the sport.