Who is the Mystery Kid at the End of “Avengers: Endgame”?


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Jordan Felder, Editor

With the April 26th release of Avengers Endgame, a lot of questions were sparked all of which were good, but one stood out: Who was the Mystery Kid at (Spoilers) Funeral? While this was an easy answer for everyone who has watched the 22 movie buildup to the end of the “Infinity Saga”, there were some who genuinely did not know who this kid was.

To understand who this kid is, we have to flash back to 2013’s release of “Iron Man 3”, which directly tells you that this kid’s name is Harley Keen; someone who helped Tony Stark when there was a terrorist out to get him. Harley helped Tony get back to his feet and repair his “Mark 42” suit to eventually take down the Mandarin and Aldrich Killian, the villains of the movie.

Now there’s no question to why in “Endgame” he is at (Spoilers) funeral. But if we fast forward to the end of the credits, we hear a loud hammer banging on what sounds like iron. This has stumped most people, including ride or die fans of Marvel, but this raises more questions than answers. The main question is: What could this mean? But to fans of Marvel, we pretty much have a guess as to what we think this means.

Now obviously the re-introduction of Harley in to the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) could be hinting at the fact that this is in fact Harley making his own “Iron Man” suit to eventually take the mantle of “Iron Man” from Tony Stark upon himself, right? Well, we’ll have to wait and see seeing as after July’s release of “Spider-Man: Far From Home” will mark the end of Phase 3 and the Beginning of Phase 4.