Students Have Issues with USC Presidential Election


Kelly Knight, Editor

     This past weekend April 26, 2019 University of South Carolina had their announcement for the presidential election, with Harris Pastides the past president stepping down it was time for a new president.

     The students of the college had issues with some of the people running especially Caslan who had made remarks that made the students uncomfortable. Many people who did not want Caslan as their next president participated in protests that were peaceful and got their message out. Caslan went to West Pointe and did not understand what the students wanted.

     “We want answers” is what groups of students were chanting because they did not understand why Caslan had become a finalist. Most believe it was because Caslan was friends with Pastides, which makes the students even more upset.

      The real reason Caslen was one of the finalists that the board of trustees felt was the most reliable is because he was one of the only ones if not the only one to have experience with leading a school at the college level. Still students did not want Caslen because he did not understand the morals and what the school means to the students.

      In the end the board did not come with an answer and for the time being there will be an interim president (Brendan Kelly) while the board goes through and picks a new president.