On May 1, 2019, Taylor Swift did something no other person would dare to do, she copied Beyonce…

As most people know when Beyonce performed at the 2018 Coachella it was legendary, so when the Homecoming documentary came out, everyone was reliving the amazingness that was that performance. One of the reasons it was a performance for the record books was because of the band she used, an HBCU drum and dance line to assist her in the show. So one can understand how the world was a little bit thrown when Taylor Swift came to the Billboard Music awards doing the same thing. The internet went into a frenzy. Beyonce fans decided that Taylor ripped her off and Taylor fans decided that Beyonce fans were just butt-hurt.

Looking at both sides of this story there are three conclusions to make:

  1. Taylor Swift and her team used Beyonce’s popular and current performance idea in hopes of boosting up her reputation in the process. Not thinking about the way this could offend millions of people everywhere and come off as cultural appropriation.
  2. Taylor Swift was just trying to put on a good performance for the Billboards and had no intention of offending anyone. With the other point that Beyonce is not the first performer ever to use a drum line for a show.
  3. The last conclusion would be that: Yes, Beyonce is not the first ever performer to use a drum line, but the way she did it screamed black power because she was the first black female headliner at Coachella. And although Taylor and her team obviously didn’t seriously think of the repercussions that would happen if Taylor used the drumline for her performance, the best way to look at it is as flattery. Ignorant flattery but still. She was trying to put on a good performance and thought the best way to do that was by using the idea of Queen Bee.

In the world that we live in cultural appropriation is a real thing. It happens more than we think. So when there is such a large scale white artist taking advantage of a famous black woman’s success it makes people mad. Even if it was unintentional it cuts deep for some, which is what Taylor Swift failed to consider. To reiterate Taylor was not wrong for doing her performance, she was wrong for not thinking of how it would affect people who deal with that sort of thing every day.