Blythewood Week

3 Times in a Row

Meera Rogers, Senior Editor

Aug. 30, Westwood once again proved that we’re the “Real Wood” by beating Blythewood for the 3rd year in a row with a winning score of 14-7 during the varsity football game. This year, StuGov started a new tradition of having tailgates before the game so that students wouldn’t have to go home then come back for the game. The game itself was bursting with energy; the student section was the cause of that, with almost everyone wearing their black to say goodbye to the Bengal’s chance of winning that game. Whether they were cheering or sitting in suspense, you could feel the energy in that crowd.

StuGov chilling under their tent.
Senior Calvin Shin admiring all of the booths.

StuGov giving out free food at the tailgate
Senior Spirit
Students talking at the tailgate.

Beta Club’s Booth

StuGov chilling under their tent.
Ms.Bates enjoying the shade.

Couple goals.

Westwood trainers waiting for the game to start.

Cherokee Bradshaw supporting #21.
Band walking into the stadium.
Robert Johnson and friend talking about the game.
Rishon Dunson keeping his eyes on the field.
Big Sarge enjoying himself.
Christina Thomas smiling.
Pictures of the crowd.
Kennedy Goodman supporting her friend.
Former student Rachel Griffith coming back to the Wood and hanging with Kyndall Ragins.
The Chick-Fil-A Cow supporting the Real Wood.
Shiely’s Return.