Dorian Takes the Carolinas by Storm

First major hurricane of season roared up coast

Keiana Smith, Editor

Hurricane Dorian has been on the minds of lots of people. The storm brought utter destruction and chaos to Bahamas and winds and rain all the way up the East coast.

Dorian wiped out parts of the Bahamas during the 24 hours the storm hovered over the islands. In its wake, at least 50 are dead, with hundreds more still unaccounted for. The storm then headed towards the US and hit the Carolinas. It brought heavy flooding and strong winds to the coast of South Carolina and hit the Outer Banks of North Carolina, leaving water and power outages.

Many districts including Richland 2 closed and now have to make it up (our make-up day is Oct. 17). Colleges like Claflin and SC State closed for several days.  

Hurricane Dorian spent a good amount of time traveling up the East coast, leaving power outages and causing about 15 tornados which played a role in the destruction of homes in North Carolina.

Recovery teams are still working in the Bahamas to help clear away some of the debris and get power restored to the residents. It will take years for residents of the Bahamas to recover from Dorian and its destruction. If you would like to help in the recovery effort, here are some ways you can help:

If you make cash donations to organizations like the Salvation Army or the Red Cross, be sure to specify you’re donating to Bahamas relief.
Salvation Army:
American Red Cross:
1-800-HELP NOW (1-800-435-7669)