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The First Female President?

Carmen White, Photo Editor

January 31, 2018

On January 7, 2018, famous talk show host Oprah Winfrey became the first African American woman to win the Cecil B. DeMille award at the annual Golden Globe Awards, which is like a lifetime achievement award. While Oprah is a famous ...

New Heathers Reboot Triggers Major Controversy

Ashley Epperson

January 29, 2018

HISTORY LESSON: Back in 1988, writer Daniel Waters and director Michael Lehmann released a “dark high school comedy”, starring Winona Ryder and Christian Slater, that would become a cult classic. Heathers centered around ...

Government Shutdown 2018

Nala Wilson, Editor

January 28, 2018

The U.S. government shutdown for a couple of days last week due to the Republicans and Democrats disagreeing on the governmental budget. When the Senate was unable to impose on a Democratic filibuster, the shutdown began. It began on...

Could Oprah Be Running for Office in 2020?

Mya Singleton, News Editor

January 26, 2018

Currently we have a businessman and former reality television star as a president. Though there were many people who felt he was not qualified, Donald Trump won the election in 2016. So when news broke that Oprah Winfrey could ...

Doug Jones Secures the Win

Hailey Zalewa

December 15, 2017

On December 12th, 2017, history was made in the state of Alabama. Doug Jones (democrat) and Roy Moore (republican) were in a tight race for a Senate seat. Doug Jones proudly took the seat as the first democrat elected to the U...

Yemen War

Amaya Johnson, Editor

December 13, 2017

Terror reigns over the country of Yemen, located in southeast Asia. A civil war that has torn the country in two began in 2015 with a religious-political movement by the name of Houthi. The official name is Ansar Allah, meaning ...

A Tragic California Shooting

Channing Cross, Manager

November 15, 2017

On November 14th, 2017 a gunman named Kevin Neal took 5 innocent lives. Neal attempted to break into Rancho Tehama Elementary School but luckily did not succeed. The school immediately went on lockdown when gunfire was heard....

Science Teachers Jeff O'Shields and Terri Moss strike a pose after making slime.

Harvest Festival 2017

November 13, 2017

Should Minorities Fly American Airlines?

Carmen White, Photo Editor

November 10, 2017

On October 25, the NAACP issued a warning to African Americans against traveling with American Airlines, after what they describe as disturbing incidents. The NAACP later described the incidents as “disrespectful, discrimina...

Welcome to the Future

RuKiya Wylie, Editor

September 20, 2017

Every year, Apple delivers us a new product, but this year, we’ve never seen anything like this or spent this type of money on a cell phone.   Most people identify the iPhone with the large home button, but we can kiss this f...

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