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  • September 21Hurricane Make-Up Dates: Oct. 18, Oct. 19 & Dec. 21
  • September 21Sept. 24: Track Interest Meeting, 6:30 pm, Cafe
  • September 21Sept. 25: College Application Day, Media Center
  • September 21Sept. 27: Peru Interest Meeting, 6 pm, Media Center

2013-2014 Staff

Ashli White

To date, Ashli has baked over 30 thousand cupcakes, which she hand-delivered to postal workers throughout the U.S. They awarded her the Key to the Post Office, so she'll never have to stand in line to mail a package or purchase...

Michaela Pinapfel

Michaela likes chocolate, loud music and tormenting her teachers. She hopes to travel the world with a backpack on her back and a harmonica in her pocket.

Katie McCarthy

Twitter addict and news junkie. When she's not writing articles, you can find her watching reruns of Supernatural or cheering on the Georgia Bulldogs! Katie will be attending Clemson University this fall and plans to major in...

Anisah Reed

Anisah is ready to set the world on fire with her pep and pom-pons. Next year, she plans to swim the Bering Strait to raise funds for orphaned llamas.

Mequel McDaniels

To Mequel, ball is life. Except when he has to bust a rhyme. Then, ball takes a backseat to his poetry. He is currently working on an epic poem about toast.

Abi Mabey

As a traveling performer, Abi wanders from town to town, her flute in her back pocket. When not traveling, Abi likes to pet red pandas and sleep.

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