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  • September 21Hurricane Make-Up Dates: Oct. 18, Oct. 19 & Dec. 21
  • September 21Sept. 24: Track Interest Meeting, 6:30 pm, Cafe
  • September 21Sept. 25: College Application Day, Media Center
  • September 21Sept. 27: Peru Interest Meeting, 6 pm, Media Center

2016-2017 Staff

Mya Singleton

Lover of music. Plays piano and is a member of student government. I'm also enthusiastic about sweets so I like to bake cookies.

Hailey Zalewa

Able to leap higher than the highest building in Blythewood, Hailey dons her cape during the day to help little puppies and lost freshmen. In the future, Hailey plans to start an organic farm, growing orchids, raspberries and...

Angel Salley

When not getting her groove on, Angel likes to curl up with a good horror movie. Her inspiration comes in the form of puns and her TV boyfriend, Carl Azuz.

Channing Cross

Superhero by night, by day, Channing is just your average, everyday student. She likes driving her fully restored Batmobile, rescuing cute guys from villains and laying down spontaneous rhymes to a funky beat.

Amaya Johnson

Probably the best introvert you will ever meet. Fanatic of sour gummy worms. Owns a whole book collection that she has not read yet. Enjoys happy endings in teen romance novels. Can’t get enough Supernatural and Grey’s Anato...

Maysia Miles

With just her pen and a smile, Maysia is determined to change the world for the better. She hopes to wipe out poverty, oppression and ugly shoes.

Carmen White

A wiz in the kitchen, Carmen whips up frothy concoctions that tempt the palate and expand the belly. She listens more than she talks and is a master of the Cone of Silence.

Ashley Epperson

Ashley Epperson can be described with 3 D’s: Dance, drama, and Disney. When she’s not doing any of the above activities, you can find her at home attempting to train her dog, Freckles. If found, please return to Magic Kingdom....

Nia Heard

Student by day and athlete by night. All around social butterfly and twitter addict. You can find her either on the tennis court or around the world, because nothing’s going to stop this military brat. Whenever you see her be s...

Delaney Woodham

You've probably seen me around before...the tall girl with the long hair? That's me. Delaney Woodham. When I'm not at volleyball practice, I'm obsessively organizing, scrolling through Twitter, watching horror movies, drinkin...

Taylor Washington

Probably the only girl you know with a little replica of Freddy Krueger’s glove around her neck, I live for drama! Not the drama you’re thinking of, but the dramas on the screen. When I’m not arguing with someone over p...

Thomas Holmes

When you meet Thomas Holmes, he is the most friendly person you’ll ever meet. He enjoys making people laugh and feel happy about themselves. Thomas also enjoys sports, comedy movies, music, jokes and puns. He is a very supporti...

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