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  • September 21Hurricane Make-Up Dates: Oct. 18, Oct. 19 & Dec. 21
  • September 21Sept. 24: Track Interest Meeting, 6:30 pm, Cafe
  • September 21Sept. 25: College Application Day, Media Center
  • September 21Sept. 27: Peru Interest Meeting, 6 pm, Media Center

2018-2019 Staff

Aaliyah Umanzor

Aaliyah Umanzor is a second-year reporter for WHS. She is a sophomore at Westwood High School. Outside of school, she likes to spend time with her friends.

Cameron Smith

Cameron Smith is a second year reporter for WHS. He is a junior at Westwood High School. Outside of school, he likes to spend time with his friends and take photos.

Meera Rogers

Meera Rogers is a sophomore at Westwood High school. She has been part of the yearbook and newspaper staff for one year. In addition to that she is also #2 on the Westwood tennis team and is on the track team as a hurdler and...

Zandrea Mays

Ahh...Zandrea Mays, a senior and editor. One word to describe her: HILARIOUS. If she were a drink, sheʼd be a Coca-Cola with a smile.

Kelly Knight

Kelly Knight is a sophomore here at Westwood High School. In her free time, she enjoys listening to music, reading, and watching Netflix. Kelly also enjoys spending time with her family and dogs.

Jordan Felder

Jordan Felder, sophomore, and is a editor and part of both the yearbook and newspaper staffs. Outside of school, he likes to watch basketball and play PS4.

Brhia Cummings

Brhia Cummings, sophomore, is an editor on the newspaper staff. She plays varsity volleyball and loves photography. When bored, she finds more extracurricular activities.

Jaden Spell

A cook in the process of learning, sophomore Jaden Spell is an average teen who likes to read and watch movies. Jaden will ask you millions of questions, so be prepared.  

Natalie Mendez

Natalie Mendez is a senior, and this is her third year on staff. She mainly focuses on graphic design. She enjoys listening to music and watching movies. She also likes spending time with her family, especially her baby brother, Jo...

Jayla Sanders

Jayla Sanders, senior editor, is an intelligent, kind young lady. She’s a Libra so shy at first but, once Jayla gets comfortable with you it’s a wrap! Moral of the story: if you get to know her, she can definitely brighte...

Nala Wilson

Nala Wilson is a senior, Class of 2019 (woohoo!). This is her third year in Journalism, and she is now a senior editor. She is Varsity Volleyball captain and loves to read. English is her favorite subject, and she wants to major...

Haven Frazier

A beauty. In junior Haven Frazier's future, she plans on going into the makeup and photography industries. If she won the lottery, her first purchases would be a lifetime supply of Chick-fil-a fries & all of the pandas in the ...

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