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Recently on August 23 the new 13 Reasons Why season has been released. There won’t be any spoilers in this review, more of just an opinion. The first season of the show is about a girl named Hannah Baker. Hannah commits suicide and each episode is uncovering all of the reasons that led to her killing herself. After hearing about a year later that another season was to be released, many were curious to what more the show could possibly have to continue the series. Then season two was about the trial for Hannah against the school. Basically the whole second season was the different characters from the first giving the viewers more insight to their personal relationships with Hannah. 

The third season however, isn’t really about Hannah at all. Yes, everything that is going on plays off of Hannah killing herself, but it just seems like a whole plot change. Bryce Walker, who raped Hannah, has been murdered. And season 3 is the mystery of who killed him. Then the writers just threw in a new girl, Ani, who seems to fit in right away. Somehow after her first day at the school she effortlessly makes friends with the original crew. For some reason she almost immediately earns their trust because everyone tells her personal things about themselves which seems very unrealistic. Ani befriends the main character Clay and together they try and solve the mystery of who killed Bryce Walker. Many are anxious to see what the next season could possibly be about. If you haven’t watched 13 Reasons Why consider watching an episode or two, you’ll be hooked.

Brhia Cummings, Senior Editor

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